Patient Reviews of Cleartone Hearing Aid Services & Medina Hearing Aid Services

I’ve been coming here to Cleartone since I was in sixth grade. I’ve been very happy with the service. They’ve  always been very  helpful in giving me advice on which devices to use.

– Aaron Froelich

I  came to Cleartone Hearing for a hearing test and then a trial period on a pair of hearing aids that I could take home and try in my own environment. It was nice. My hearing is not that bad and I don’t really need them at this time. Now my husband can’t use that as an excuse that I can’t hear them because I tried them at home. I returned them. I think it’s a wonderful place to try out and get a feel for what you need.

– Valentine Spencer

My life has changed for the better since having my hearing aids. I’m totally lost without them and so very grateful I have the wonderful service of Cleartone Hearing to come to when and if I need help. Thank you so much!

– Esther Long

Pat takes a lot of time to ensure the hearing aids are just right.

– Jane Berk

Pat is very kind, soft spoken, gentle and very knowledgeable. 

– Clarence  Berk

Excellent service! I was missing alot and now I can hear things. It makes me feel normal again.

– Billy Henderson

Working with Cleartone has been a wonderful experience.  I was hesitant about hearing aids and Pat was kind and considerate, helping me accept my need for hearing aids. The hearing aids have helped me become a more active participant in my social life. I really enjoy having them.

– Penny Phipps

To be able to hear voices in a crowd is AMAZING! I thought they would be uncomfortable but they were super easy to adjust to. I can tell a huge difference when wearing my hearing aids.

– Joyce Mosher